Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fingertip Detection Part 1

This is a video of my first version of fingertip detection. It's based on points in the convex hull and the orientation of the hand (see previous post). It's still a bit shaky, expecially around the thumb. And it does only work when the fingers are fully stretched out. But it looks promising:

In the second video the hull, palm and  finger points are transfered onto the canvas window. Here it's more obvious that this version is not quite ready to use.

The next step will be to detect whether the hand is open or closed and only try to find the fingers and orientation if it's at least partly open. And then of course improve the finger detection (maybe even finger direction detection).


  1. Well, that's exacly what I'm trying to do... Control some elements with the hand and the fingers..

    Could you, when you have time to 'polish' it, show us the source code for that application ?

    Very thank you again !


  2. Hi Tino

    The source code is available at