Monday, April 18, 2011

Going Open Source (partly)

I have put the first part of the code on CodePlex. It contains some data sources (depth image, rgb image and clustering). It can be found here:

It's not a final release, so it may and probably will change soon. There is also no documentation available yet, but it comes with a small demo application. If you have problems running it, feel free to contact me.

I'm still working on the hand and finger tip detection part but it's not ready to be published. It is based on the clustering data source though, so maybe that can be already useful in itself.

Sample Application

To run the sample application, you have to edit the file "config.xml" and replace the key in the following line with a valid PrimeSense vendor key: <License vendor="vendor" key="*****"/>
 EDIT: The sample runs on my pc without a vendor key

The depth segment that is used for clustering is set to 500 to 800 mm by default, please make sure your hands are close enough to the kinect (or you'll only see a black screen).

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