Monday, May 23, 2011

Change Set 5994

There is a new version of the source code available: 5994

- Added a build script (execute with build.bat, you might have to adjust the path)
- New property for HandDataSourceSettings: MinimalPointsInContour
- DetectCenterOfPalm = true by default
- Increased the speed of the palm finder a bit

(I did not publish a new binary release, I won't do that for every check in)


  1. How can I write a generator based on your code to be able to get the Depth and RGB image in one stept to be sure that they are in sync??? Could you give me an example please?


  2. Your Generators can get either Depth or Image information in one stept but not both simultaneously and in such a way that the data is synchronous.How do I change the DepthPointerDataSource or RGBPointerDataSource to be able to get both sources?

    I am looking to be able to get both this.CurrentValue = this.Generator.GetDepthMapPtr(); and

    this.CurrentValue = this.Generator.GetImageMapPtr();

  3. P.S.: I need this because I want to work with both data (RGB and Depth) simultaneously.

    From your code it looks like it is possible to get only one of the image/data because you have only one generator for each.

  4. Hi Anonymous

    Please have a look at my newest blog post.