Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finger Detection on CodePlex

Over the weekend I decided to release an initial version of the finger detection algorithm. You are welcome to download the newest version from CodePlex (

I'd be happy to receive feedback to see what you use it for!

Please note: It is not as well refactored as the custering part and I'm still working on it.

Some restrictions:
  • Finger points only have 2D coordinates (z is always 0)
  • Finger points are not ordered. It can happen that they swap position in the array between frames
  • There can be false positives for the finger points
  • Detecting the center of the palm is currently too slow, it is disabled by default
Guidance on how to position your hand
It works best if you position your hand flat to the viewing angle of the kinect. It's also helpful if not too much of the arm is within the processed depth segment; it decreases the chance of false positives.

Correct hand position

The hand is too close
The hand is too far or the cluster is not compact
False positive in the lower left corner
There is a new settings window that allows you to change settings while the program is running.
Settings window

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