Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Plans with Hand and Finger Tracking?

Today I would like to ask you what you plan to do with hand and finger tracking?

Image manipulation? A game? ...?

I hope to release a first version by the end of this or next week.


  1. Oh please do release a version this week. That would be great.

    Regarding you question. I want to use it for gesture / touch input on a normal table and your project could came just perfect :)

  2. Hence, I need for touch input also a good touch detection I want to have the possiblity to map touches to different hands for multiple gestures. For instance Hand1-2 touch points + Hand2-3 touch points is different from 1 Hand with 5 touch points.

    Buy even if your project would not support this right out of the box i would try to improve it for my needs :)

  3. You have a great project! Are you a PhD Student in CH? Maybe we could exchange private emails, because I am also interested in this topic.

  4. Hi Stefan,
    currently I do some prototyping on gesture recognition based on skeleton points, so I'm interested in any solid approaches. For that I'm really looking forward to have a look at your project!

    By the way: very impressive coding! If this is the outcome of reading Uncle Bob's "CleanCode", I know what to do (haven't read it yet, shame on me) ...

  5. @Anonymous 1: I have to see how far I get on the weekend. Can't promise it yet. I'm also not sure if it can be used to find touch points on a table. Maybe if you'd position the kinect right on top of the table and set the depth segment to the area right above the surface. We will see :)

    @Anonymous 2: Thanks! You are almost right, I'm Swiss and I used to be a student. I have a MSc in Computer Science, but am working for a private company now. My Kinect experiments are taking place in my free time. You are welcome to contact me at

    @rzddr: Thanks! I can really recommend the book. I especially like his views of software craftmanship.


  6. I'm using similar hand tracking as well as head tracking for my university project,

    good work with your code :)

  7. Hi philip

    Thanks for your comment!

    I had a look at your video, what are you using as surface? Glass and paper underneath?