Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Configurable Start Menu

There is a new (binary) version of the start menu available at:

  • There is now a task bar icon
    Start Menu Icon
    Right click to bring ip the context menu
    • I've added a user interface to configure the default menu

    Menu Settings

    This is actually the first WPF window I've built. I'm a WinForms veteran and I'm finding it sometimes hard to get my head around how WPF works. But I begin to like it, despite it still lacks some features that were present in WinForms.


      1. WPF is brilliant especiall for animations. I suggest you get a copy of Expression studio at dreamspark or student version and you can put together some amazing demos. I'm planning to do the same with your code.

      2. Hi EddHead

        I'm looking forward to see your demo!

        I'm not that good at graphics, so if I ever createdd something I wanted to sell I'd need a designer to help me.