Thursday, June 16, 2011

Microsoft Kinect SDK is out!

Microsoft has finally released its Kinect SDK.

Guess it is going to be a busy day!

(Has anyone tried to install it along with OpenNI, do they bite each other?)

Update: As expected, the SDK and PrimeSense drivers don't get along, so I can't recommend installing the SDK when you still want to use OpenNI. I'll try to extend my project so that both OpenNI and the Microsoft SDK are supported, but this might take a while.


  1. No, OpenNI code breaks. but Kinect drivers install perfectly over them. your code stopped working :(

  2. Hi EddHead

    Thanks for trying. I guess that the two drivers can't be installed at the same time.

    I've installed the Kinect SDK on a seperate PC, so I can continue working with OpenNI. I'll see if I can create two versions, one that works with OpenNI and one that works with the SDK.


  3. i have the same problem. i deinstalled openni an installed the kinectsdk.

    then i deionstalled the kinectsdk and wanted to install the openni drivers again.
    but the kinect is no longer recognized.

    any suggestions are welcome!

  4. Maybe deinstalling the SDK didn't remove the drivers? In the device manager there is a category "Microsoft Kinect" where the drivers are registered.

  5. i really tried everything.
    i deinstalled the drivers in the device manager as well (with the checkbox checked "remove drivers from harddrive)

    but its not working... damn it.. i really need your code to run.

    but maybe a kinectsdk version of your code would make sense...

  6. I'm looking at the samples that come with the SDK. I think it should be possible to provide both OpenNI and MS Kinect SDK data sources.

    But I can't tell how soon I can implement it.

  7. when i can help you somehow with it?
    i can't do anything anyway...

  8. Basically we need a new DepthImageSource, a new RgbImageSource and a new ClusterDataSource (because they all take a pointer as input, and the SDK returns a PlanarImage).

    And also some changes in the base classes.

    I'm currently finishing a new version I want to upload to CodePlex. After finishing this, I'll prepare the solution to contain both OpenNI and Kinect SDK data sources.

  9. wow. that wouldn be great. i guess you might be faster because you know the code better then i do.
    i just found you project 2 weeks ago and liked the finger recognition.
    i better install openni and visual studio on another pc

  10. I've got OpenNI on my PC and Kinect SDK on the laptop.

    And I've commited my latest changes to CodePlex, so I can now play around with the SDK. I'll let you know when I see how easy or difficult it gets.

  11. well... i can't install openni on my other maschine (32-bit windows xp)
    the openni installer says that a programm which runs as part of the installer did not work as expected. i sould contact the vendor... :(

  12. hey stefan,

    is it possible to get the depth information as well as the finger/cluster/hand information?
    As it looks i can only set 1 datasource, right?

  13. It should be possible to create both a ClusterDataSource and a DepthImageDataSource:

    var clusterDataSource = this.dataSourceFactory.CreateClusterDataSource();
    var imageDataSource = this.dataSourceFactory.CreateDepthImageDataSource();

    clusterDataSource.NewDataAvailable += new NewDataHandler(clusterDataSource_NewDataAvailable);
    imageDataSource.NewDataAvailable += new NewDataHandler(imageDataSource_NewDataAvailable);

    Or do you mean display it at the same time? Then you could use multiple video controls.