Friday, June 3, 2011

Upgrading OpenNI failed

Yesterday I tried to upgrade to the newest OpenNI release. Long story short: It failed and I had to revert to v1.0.0.25.

First I uninstalled all old drivers + OpenNI, NITE and PrimeSensor. Then I installed the newest driver from

I'm running a 64bit Windows 7, so I was happy to see that there are now 64bit versions of OpenNI, NITE and PrimeSensor. First I downloaded the stable versions (v1.1.0.38) and installed it according to this guide. Everything looked fine (in the device manager), but when I tried to start any sample I got this error message:

"OpenNI library can't find any module!"

I tried everything twice, including the unstable versions and the 32bit versions, but I couldn't get it working, so now I'm back at OpenNI v1.0.0.25.

Has anyone got the newest release running on a 64bit Windows 7 machine?


  1. I have. but had to use 32-bit version though. it works on 7 64-bit.

  2. Thanks for the info, I'll try with 32-bit again on my laptop.

  3. I am currently running the 64-bit windows 7 as well as the latest OpenNI drivers. I think I saw the same problem you had, and a colleague of mine gave me a solution. I did a lot of tinkering, and I can't remember what was the exact thing I did to get it to work properly.

    He instructed me to check out my environmental variable paths for my windows 7(just type env in your start menu search bar). Then scroll down in your system variables to find the OPEN_NI_BIN and double check the value. I think the variable path is set to something like "C:\....\OpenNI\Bin" . All I had to do was swap that to a lower case B in Bin(C:\...\OpenNI\bin) and it worked. Or was it from upper case to lower case? I can't remember, but it was along the lines of that. It was a really dumb little step that held the whole thing up.

  4. Hi Holynub

    Thanks for your input! I had read about the environment variable in a forum post and tried it. But I guess I did something wrong, for it did not work for me... then I lost patience and went back to the old version.

    But I have a laptop now where I'll try to install it over the weekend. Like this I can continue developing on my PC, and fumble with the installation at the same time.


  5. That's a bummer dude. It really does feel like installing the drivers for OpenNI is always a hit or miss. And by the time you get it working, you have no clue how you did it.