Saturday, July 30, 2011


I thought about creating a gallery page that showcases uses of Candescent NUI. I'd like to see what you do with it!

If you think it's a good idea and would like to show what you're implementing, I'd welcome you to send an e-mail to:

What you should include:
  • Short description
  • Link to a video or screenshot(s)
  • Whether you would like your entry with your name or anonymous
  • Optional: Link to your own project page


    1. I'll be building a few UI concepts in a while that I can happily send screenshots of. Also, could you try simulating implementations of finger Touch events over WPF from the surface SDK? especially if the fingers are in front of the palm and not on the same plane.I think there is a way to do it - will post links if I find them.

    2. I already thought about ways to detect the fingers if they are in front of the palm but haven't had time yet to try it. If you find an example that would be great.