Sunday, July 3, 2011

Image Manipulation on CodePlex

By popular request ;-) I've put the image manipulation code on CodePlex (change set 8391). It'd need some more refactoring, but I think as a sample it's good enough.

It requires some practice by the user, especially scaling with two fingers (as you can see in the video).

The movement isn't very smooth. That's because the center of the palm jumps around a bit. It is a trade-off vs. performance. I'll try to improve this.

Edit: I've tried it with the SDK, but the depth limitation is making it almost impossible to work with this sample. I hope Microsoft will add an option so values closer than 850mm can be used soon. And I've found a little problem, the standard depth threshold was used in changeset 8391, so it would not work at all; I've fixed that in 8402.


  1. Hi Stefan. Can you please provide some code how you managed to display the hand contour and the fingertip detection with the Kinect SDK?

    It is driving me nuts :(

    Your Projects are really nice!

  2. Hi Anonymous

    There was a problem in 8391 (the depth threshold was set to max 850mm), so there is no hand data detected with the SDK.

    I've fixed that in 8402 but haven't updated the binary version yet.

    Or do you mean in general? The SDK itself does not offer hand and fingertip detection, but you can download the code for my project from


  3. Ahhhh mea culpa. I was on that site before, but didn't see the sourcecode tab :P

    Thank you, i'm will look into it.

    PS: my name is Stefan, too ;-)

  4. Hi, Stefan

    In this work, how did you recognize the hand gesture??



  5. It's not really gesture recognition. The definition is:

    5 fingers are present -> hand is open -> no action
    2 fingers -> scale and rotate mode
    no fingers = hand is closed -> drag