Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Candescent NUI Release Notes (8511)

Finger tip depth information
Finger tips now also have a z value indicating the distance from the Kinect in mm. I've already got some ideas how to use this!

Finger depth
I've added three configuration "templates": default, fast and accurate. I'll tweak these settings, but for now I've just picked some values which I thought reasonable.

I've run some quick performance tests:
Clustering     6.8ms
Hands        11.3ms

Clustering     7.2ms
Hands        16.2ms

Clustering     8.1ms
Hands        32.3ms

... and I've fixed a dispose problem that lead to performance issues in the sample app when the hand and finger detection button was clicked more than once.

Get the release here, the source code is here.


  1. This is awesome, just wished it worked on the SDK - did you hear back from MS about lengths yet?

    Because of the nature of my work, I cannot move to OpenNI yet - will defintiely do so and try to build something off this - I can think of so many things to do.

    You've been great - keep up the good work.

    - EddHead

  2. Hi EddHead

    Thanks a lot!

    Unfortunately I haven't heard anymore from Microsoft about making the depth caps configurable. They are not very informative about future releases of the SDK.

    Another way to make it work would be a higher resolution image, and maybe I can improve it a bit to work better between 850mm - 1m


  3. Thanks, but its probably not that important. I hate the fact that the OpenNI SDK is rubbish with skeleton tracking and audio while the SDK is limited in this strange way and non-commercial. why can't people make things right in one place.

    Also , I might move back to OpenNI by next week and then try out your SDK in full and see what I can get done.

  4. I think Microsoft was surprised by the success of the first Kinect hacks and was under pressure to release the SDK. That's why it's a bit half-baked here and there.