Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Test Data

After more than one month of not working with the Kinect, I've plugged it back in today! :-) I've had some ideas and I'm eager to implement them.

Meanwhile I was experimenting with TDD (test first, acceptance tests...) on some other greenfield project of mine and it worked out nicely. I'll try to write more tests for Candescent NUI too.

Here's one of the planned new features:
You can save single (or maybe whole sequences) of depth frames to the disk. These can then be loaded again and used to test the algorithm. The idea: No more guessing if a code or setting change did improve the algorithm, just run the tests and measure the accuracy!

A lot of the code is already on CodePlex, the only two tests that are checked in use it. There are only two still depth frames checked in and there is no UI for it yet. Now I want to make this more accessible to build a set of test data (all kind of hands, your help will be needed!)

depth frame 1: Left hand with 3 fingers
depth frame 2: Left hand with 2 fingers, right hand with 5 fingers
depth frame 3: No hand

Ideally the location of the finger points and center of palm will be manually marked for each test frame. Like this the distances of the points that the algorithm finds can be compared with the expected points.

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  1. Hi,
    This is very nice and thanks to provide this code with us,i am using these dll code what ever you provide and i am developing for hand mouse , i am using your dll CCT.NUI.Core and CCU.NUI.HandTracking and configuration as "HandTacking" for mouse cursor move and "Hand" for left click of mouse its working fine but whenever i make little more distance between my hand and Xpro Asus device than its going to click automatically while i don't close my hand plese is there any way to resolve this,mean that if i have tracking my hand for little more distance and if i close my hand thaen left click perform otherwise only move the mouse...
    and sorry for my bad English