Monday, November 7, 2011

Testing the Code

I've run some code coverage analysis and here's the result. The basic test that loads a saved frame and then runs the hand detection has the following coverage: 

Code Coverage in Version 9489

CCT.NUI.Core                      38%
CCT.NUI.HandTracking         68%

The next version will have at least the following coverage

CCT.NUI.Core                      71%
CCT.NUI.HandTracking         72%

I reorganized some namespaces and also tampered with the interface, so the new version will require users to update their code.

I've also migrated to the newest Kinect SDK Beta 2. But because it still does not return depth values < 800mm it's not really an alternative to OpenNI.

I hope to be able to release the new version over the next weekend!

Edit (09 Nov 2011):
Let's see how high I can get it. Current values:
CCT.NUI.Core                      80%
CCT.NUI.HandTracking         72%

I won't reach 100% coverage in the core library because I can't test OpenNI and Kinect at the same time. Maybe I'll put the interface code in seperate assemblies (like CCT.NUI.OpenNI and CCT.NUI.SDK). This would also have the advantage that only the required dependencies are referenced and the other can be ignored.

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