Friday, December 2, 2011

Candescent NUI 11366

I've uploaded the new version of Candescent NUI to CodePlex (Binary and Source)

  • Finger Direction Detection (see details below)
  • Refactoring, improved Code Coverage

Finger Direction Detection
With this version it's possible to detect the direction the fingers point at. Each FingerPoint has a DirectionVector (normalized to a length of 1) that indicates the direction the finger is pointing at. That means you can define the following function where p is the tip of the finger, v is the direction vector and a is a scalar value:  f(a) = v*a + p
This results in the orange line (I've limited the length).

The orange dots are the base points. They're found by traversing a given quantity of points on the contour in both directions. The number of contour points to be skipped is depending on the z coordinate of the finger tip (the closer the hand is the more points are in the contour).

There is a new setting option that toggles whether the finger direction should be detected or not.

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