Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kinect Hacks - End of a hype?

Almost exactly one year after the first 'Kinect Hacks' surfaced, the hype seems to be over. I've visited several sites and noticed that there are very few new things being posted.

Is it because nobody does cool stuff with the Kinect anymore? Or are there too few visitors to those sites to be worth maintaining?

I've made a list:
Last post: June 11
Second last post: June 2
Total hacks this week: 0
Last post: Sept 2
Second last post: Aug 29
Total hacks this week: 0
Inactive (this site even was hacked and nobody seems to care, visit the front page at your own risk!)
Last post: Nov 24
Second last post: April 19
Total hacks this week: 0
Last post: Dec 2
Second last post: Nov 27
Total hacks this week: 1
Almost inactive
-> The former admin created a new site here (active):
Last post: Dec 5
Second last post: Dec 5
Total hacks this week: 2
Somewhat active
Last post: today
Second last post: Dec 5
Total hacks this week: 5


  1. Maybe, the reason is the announcement of the Kinect2. Smth less limited. People are waiting for new possibilities.

  2. the kinect2 are still long to wait
    the nearer 1 would be the improved kinect camera for PC. I wonder will avin2 support it or not. Else we have to use microsoft kinect sdk then

  3. @Anonymous
    My theory is that we're now at a point where creating new cool stuff takes considerable effort. Until now it was quite easy to make a small demo that gathers a big audience. Maybe a new Kinect hard- or software will make it easier again to create new things - for a while.

  4. @TcBoY88
    I guess if I wanted to create commercial stuff I would either use Kinect with the upcoming commercial release of the SDK, or maybe use the Asus Wavi sensor with OpenNI.

  5. OpenNI seems to have lost the plot with calibration. until they get rid of that it wont grow. the commercial SDK is around the corner and there might be some more interest. the industry is now more focused on mobile and tablet and what we need now is a kinect on a tablet. Win8?

  6. lol OpenNI does not required calibration anymore.

  7. Great post. Just to set the record straight, I'm the admin and writer, well used to be, for The network was sold to some corporate blow hards so I moved my passion for Kinect hacking over to another server and started a new site.

    The new site is called and it primarily focuses on the development aspect of Kinect hacking. Check it out when you get the chance. I'm currently focusing on adding a lot of DIY guides and I'm just starting out so any support would be awesome! Please feel free to submit any tips as I'd love to promote your great work!


    - Jared St. Jean

  8. Hi Jared

    Good to see that you're still active! I used to like I'll bookmark your new site! I'll also add it to this posts list.

    And thanks for featuring my video manipulation!

    Best regards

  9. Thanks Jared I thought that kinect hacks was abondoned =P