Saturday, January 21, 2012

Candescent NUI 12392

Here's the new version of Candescent NUI. You can download the [binary] or [source]

Threading with OpenNI
There is now a single thread updating all OpenNI generators. There used to be exceptions when running the depth and image generator datasources in parallel.

Mouse Controller
I've implemented an example on how to control the mouse. There are several modes you can play with. It's not that good yet. It's checked in as separate project, it's not added to the binary yet.

(The recording program shows the mouse in hourglass mode in the first part, don't know why...)

Pin Code Interface Source Code
The source code is now on CodePlex. You can find it in the WPF samples project.


  1. very nice release
    but i still dont have time to play with it yet =(

    about the single thread for openni, wont it be slow?


  2. Thanks!

    Well, as it looks updating the generators has to be done in one thread. The processing afterwards can be done in multiple threads.

    There might be one thread that creates the rgb image, one that creates the depth image and one that processes the depth data.

    I'll have to look into it.

    - Stefan