Sunday, January 29, 2012

Candescent NUI 12515

You can download the new version here: [binary] or [source]

  • NITE hand tracking with finger detection (see CCT.NUI.Samples)
  • Mouse controller application is now part of the binary release
  • New options in the mouse controller application


  1. Hi Stefan,

    First thank you very much for the fantastic work!
    I am using your project to do my project-- reading hand gestures. Now I am able to name fingers and even read some simple gesture like "ok", "i love you", "victory", etc. But problem is that there are a lot of gestures that have some fingers together in which situation cannot be detected as fingers(like if you do sign language "c").I tried to store the previous detected information but failed. Do you have any suggestions? My email is Any little advice would be really appreciated! Thanks again for your work!

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