Monday, January 23, 2012

Combining NITE hand tracking with finger detection

I'm working on combining PrimeSense NITE middleware with my finger detection (what does NITE stand for, anybody knows?). The advantage is that the algorithm doesn't use a fixed depth segment but just the area around the tracked hand. Like this other objects can be closer but the hand is still correctly processed.

You can waive your hand to tell NITE to start tracking it. Candescent NUI then performs finger detection on the part of the depth map where the hand is located.


  1. u can trigger both hand tracking with the wave gesture
    try edit a nite config file to allow multi hand tracking
    however the the 2nd hand wave trigger is not so efficient, u can try the pointviewer example in openni or nite

    if u wan efficient both hand tracking, maybe u can try the skeleton tracking
    and now the openni/nite does not required the calibration pose (i dont know why but it will auto detect my skeleton as long as i move into camera view)

    previously i did similar thing but i only able to use the skeleton + open/close palm detection (no precise finger detection)


  2. btw i think it is not a must to use nite
    maybe openni is enough as it already include pointviewer and skeleton tracking


  3. Hi tcboy

    I want to use this when seated. Skeleton tracking isn't that well suited for this situation. I'll try tracking multiple hands.

    Nite is required for the wave gesture recognition.


  4. NITE used to be NILE (Natural Interaction for Livingroom Environment) but NITE sounded cooler

    this 1 looks not bad
    not sure how they maintain the cursor when they close the palm
    probably same with ur algo?

  6. @Anonymous: Thanks for the info!

    Looks a bit strained, but the mouse movement is smooth.

  7. Natural Interaction for The End user

  8. Hi,
    Can i get source code for this. Thanks