Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Notes

I'm having problems when I create two datasources where one is waiting for an ImageGenerator and the other is waiting for a DepthGenerator. It seems when two different threads are accessing two different generators this can mess up OpenNI.

I'll work on a new version that will only use a single thread for all OpenNI based datasources.

Also coming up as sample: Mouse Control with Candescent NUI


  1. wow nice mouse control app, was expecting that from u. Have u tried Kinemote before? I tried it when it was beta, the mouse pointer control is quite smooth. They haven implement the open/close palm clicking method in the newer release, though i didnt try that yet. (becoz he suddenly closed source it)


  2. Hi tcboy

    No, I haven't tried Kinemote.

    I'll try to release a first version over the weekend. It's not perfect, but usable.

    - Stefan

  3. TcBoy, can you send me your e-mail address to

  4. I sent an email to

    Maybe u can add a chatbox widget on ur blog
    but it may lure too many spammer bot