Saturday, January 7, 2012

Upgrading to stable OpenNI

Today is release day :-)

I've upgraded OpenNI to the newest stable version ( without problems.

Candescent NUI release is 12234:  [binary] or [source]



    what do you think? kinda expensive (249usd), but maybe have the "near mode" you always wanted.

  2. Hi TcBoY

    It will have the near mode. It's expensive because Microsoft wants to make money with the devices and keep the SDK free to use.

    I'll get one. Unfortunately they won't release it in Switzerland on Feb 1st. Guess I'll have to import one myself :)

    - Stefan

  3. i hope it has better fps and better resolution
    so the finger tracking + full body tracking will be more feasible

  4. I don't mind much the fps, but the resolution should be better.

    I think the depth image won't have a higher resolution. Maybe the video image.

    The ASUS Xtion pro live seems to have 1280x1024 rgb (and 640x480 depth).