Sunday, March 11, 2012

Candescent NUI 13501

After a pause I've continued to work on Candescent NUI. I've simplified the contour tracing algorithm. The contour scanning step isn't necessary anymore. This speeds up hand detection by 20-30%.

Other changes:
- Fixed the Test Data Collector
- Sped up finding the center of palm a bit
- Added the video manipulation sample code (won't win any clean code award)
- Changed some parameters and values

To enable video manipulation you'll have to replace these values in wpfsamples.exe.config with paths to videos on your system (WPF has to be able to play them):


  1. one thing that might be good is speaking with prekel to include your hand tracking software for 3d capturing into motion builder. a lot of people would be interested.

  2. sorry I meant brekel.

  3. can you explain contour following algorithm in detail

    1. tracingcan you explain contour tracing algorithm in detail

  4. It works similar to this: