Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Candescent NUI for Kinect For Windows (13564)

I've finally got hold of a Kinect For Windows device today. I've updated Candescent NUI to use the near mode. It should now perform for both OpenNI and Kinect SDK (excluding the Kinect for XBOX devices, because of the missing near mode).

You can download the [source] or [binary]

The CCT.NUI.Samples project works for both OpenNI and Kinect For Windows. I still have to enable the WPF samples for Kinect SDK; that'll probably happen next weekend.

I also definitely want to start playing with the audio features!


  1. Way to go. maybe I should get a KFW device too. or get someone to send me one.

  2. Hi Jay

    Got mine through international shipping. It's still not officially available in Switzerland.

    - Stefan

  3. Hi!

    And why Kinect for XBOX misses near mode? Is this a device or only a Kinect SDK driver limitation?

  4. Hi Andrew

    As I understand it, the device itself is exactly the same. But Kinect For Windows has a different firmware which is required for the near mode. So it's not the driver, which would be easy to update.

    But you can get as close as 800mm with the Kinect for XBOX when you use OpenNI.

    - Stefan

  5. Hi!
    Finally, How do you prepare the OpenNI vs. Kinect SDK for to try your bin with Kinect for Windows?

    Without OpenNI the app crashes, problem is the OpenNI64 in my case (halt HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

    Great Work!

  6. Anonymous

    Which app, the Samples or WPFSamples?

    You can either install OpenNI or the KinectSDK, but not both. The samples project works for both, the WPF samples only for OpenNI (I'm working on that). And the binary is only compiled for 64bit systems.

    - Stefan

  7. Hi again!

    I have installed KinectSDKv1 and my Kinect is for windows version.

    To resolve above error, I have copied OpenNI64.dll to root of binary unzip folder.

    Now, warning appear about envorimental variable does not found and then app crashes .

    Can you explain us (for inexpert guys as I) how run your app for Kinect for windows and KinectSDK v1?


  8. Hi Anonymous

    You should be able to start CCT.NUI.Samples.exe and then choose "Kinect SDK" from the three options without copying OpenNI64.dll anywhere.

    - Stefan