Thursday, March 29, 2012

Problem with Kinect SDK and WPF dispatcher

I'm trying to get to run the WPF samples for Candescent NUI with the Kinect SDK. I'm experiencing a strange problem. When processing a depth frame (in the event DepthFrameReady) I experience performance issues and sometimes even a stack overflow exception.

Here's a stacktrace. You'll notice that after calling the WPF dispatcher the DepthFrameReady event is called again, and again ... resulting in a stack overflow exception

My guess is that while I'm processing a depth frame a new frame becomes available. When I give control to the dispatcher it somehow processes the message queue and first continues with the new depth frame instead of the code I pass.

So I see two solutions
1. Make my code faster so it's done when the new frame gets ready. But I can't guarantee this.
2. Create a queue for the depth frames and process them in a separate thread. Maybe dropping some frames when my code is too slow.

Is there information available on how this should be handeled? Might have to ask in the forum...

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