Saturday, August 18, 2012

Model-based hand tracking demo

Great news, there is now a demo available for the project "Efficient model-based 3D tracking of hand articulations using Kinect" !

You can get more info and download it here:

Thanks @ Iason, Nikolaos and Antonis for the comment here!

Unfortunately I can't run it myself, as I don't have a CUDA enabled graphics card. Maybe it's time to get a new PC...


  1. Nice! I will try it when I have some free time.

    Since when is the demo available? Totally missed this great information.

  2. Hi TcBoy

    Since August 17 or earlier. That's when Antonis Argyros wrote a comment on this blog with the link to the demo website.

    - Stefan


    Have a look!

  4. Hi Tcboy

    Thanks for the link! Looks cool, but a bit bulky with the frame. I couldn't put that on my desk :-)

    - Stefan