Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Windows Phone App

I hereby present to the world - my very first (published) Windows Phone app!

is a very simple Windows Phone app and actually I've only made this app to test the process how to get an app into the marketplace. The real app will hopefully follow shortly.

It lets you set a probability and then uses the built-in random generator to tell you if you win or lose. My colleagues and I have started to use it as a simple decision helper, asking it if we win when we do this or that :-)


  1. The next app won't use Comic sans, I promise :-)

  2. What is the next real app that you have been working for months?
    What are the functions of it?

  3. Hi TcBoy

    I hope to publish it in a week or so (still waiting for Microsoft to approve the company account and tax form...)

    In my last post there was a hint ;-)

    You probably won't find it very exciting.

    - Stefan

  4. Since u posted some colorful image(red mushroom)
    I am guessing about some sort of camera app? with filter?

    Anyway, some news to update for u.
    Some developers already get their hands on leapmotion sdk

    Also, Intel release a new ToF camera (actually from SoftKinect depthsense)
    It is priced at only 150USD
    It has 720p rgb and 320x240 short range depth sensor (15cm-100cm)
    And it probably is 60fps (to be confirm)

    hope you are interested with those news!

  5. Hi TcBoy

    Thanks for the links!

    What I'm really waiting for is a device with a resolution closer to 1920x1200. Finger tracking from 3-4 meters away :-)

    No, it's not a camera app, but it makes use of the phones camera :-)

    I'm still waiting for the account to be validated. Then I can submit it and it will take another 3-5 business days until it's published (if it gets accepted in the first go).