Monday, December 24, 2012

Pilzkenner (Mushroom App)

After a lot of delay my first real Windows Phone app is now published!

It's something totally different to the Kinect stuff I've done before. The app is called "Pilzkenner" which means "Person who knows a lot about mushrooms", or more literally "Knower of mushrooms".

It can be downloaded from the WP marketpace, I've also created a website for it it here.

There's a free version, a standard version and the pro version. I've begun working on it in April and used it myself while collecting mushrooms this fall.

Mushroom descriptions
GPS integration
Location description


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  2. Good job on your app, looks great.
    Too bad I dont have a WP to try it out.

    Btw, did you get received into Leapmotion developers?
    I received an acceptance email
    But I see many people received the same email too
    so not sure whether when they will really send out a dev kit to me

  3. Hi Tcboy!

    Thanks :-) We're working on an iPhone version and I also want to make it for Android.

    I didn't apply for the Leapmotion sensor.

    - Stefan

  4. If you are interested you can still apply now, they still accepting application I believe
    it only takes you about 5mintues
    unless you are not interested =x

  5. Submitted my application, let's see if I get approved :-)

  6. I received my leapmotion dev kit!
    it is really smooth, and quite accurate too
    too bad its 3d data is not exposed yet.
    hope you get accepted soon too!

    btw, recently I have some free time, so I updated my hand tracking algorithm
    you can view it below if you are interested

  7. Hi TcBoy

    LEAP: Cool! Would be nice to test the device.

    I haven't had much time lately...

    Looks good! And you're only using the RGB stream of your webcam?

    1. ya I was using only RGB stream from regular webcam
      the same algo also works with kinect stream (after depth segmentation and image binarization)

      Hope you get accepted and get your leapmotion soon
      would expect some nice applications from you